Which Festival You Should Attend in 2021?

In our modern world festivals have become increasingly important for many cultures. They allow the people who live within the festivals’ arenas to interact with each other in a forum of shared language, culture, and history. This provides insight into the peoples’ everyday lives and helps them to better appreciate one another. It also allows for greater learning about new facets of the culture through performing arts.

Winnipeg Folk Festival

The Winnipeg Folk Festival is an internationally acclaimed charity organization with an annually occurring summer folk music event held at Birds Hill Provincial Park, close to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, featuring a variety of local musicians. The festival includes a wide variety of music and artists from all over the world and has been described as a New River tickets for Winnipeg Fest by many people who have visited. For music enthusiasts, the festival is a great place to experience a variety of genres of music. As with any other musical event, there are some risks involved in booking a spot at the Winnipeg Folk Festival but overall the experience is one of great enjoyment for the whole family. For music lovers, this will be a memorable event.

Chain Fest

Chain Fest is an annual event that takes place in the small town of Leavenworth, Kansas. Each June the city hosts a competition to see who can offer the best and most diverse food and music choices. This rodeo-style BBQ and outdoor barbeque event include several other local bands, musicians and comedians as well as an assortment of food vendors. The events are designed to bring the community together for a night of food, fun, and relaxation. Each year, hundreds of people attend this fun event.

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The Country Fest

Country Fest is a popular annual music festival held each year at the amphitheater in Cadott, Wisconsin, dedicated to country music. Organized by the Town of Cadott, the festival is hosted by the Townleybone Band, with more than a dozen musical acts throughout the summer months. Established in 2021, it’s the largest country music and camping festival in the entire United States. It’s also one of the most popular music country fest in the state.

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Four Chord Music Festival

The Chord Music Festival is held every year in the small village of Pohorje, Thailand. For four and a half weeks the residents of Pohorje come together to play traditional chord music, dance, and connect with each other in the community. This festival is one of the few, if any, where the entire Thais (population around 200) come together to play traditional music. It also showcases some non-traditional elements like Thai boxing, Thai massage, snake charmers, and more.

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Viva El Mariachi Festival

The Viva El Mariachi Festival is a well-liked Mexican celebration that has taken place every year in March. The main highlight of the event is a massive musical gathering held at the Puerta del Sol in Playa Blanca. In addition to excellent music and dancing, mariachi bands also perform throughout the event. The Viva El Mariachi Viva El Mariachi festival tickets available and music includes traditional mariachi music plus a wide selection of salsa and modern music. In addition to the music, mariachi women sing traditional Mexican songs and stories while children play Mexican percussion instruments. The music, dancing, and music bands conclude with a fireworks display.

Ubbi Dubbi Festival

Ubbi Dubbi Festival is a monthly musical event, which is organized and hosted by the “ubsi dabi at” or the “ubai dj”. It is a popular music event that showcases high caliber dj’s and their live sets from all over the country. The name Ubbi Dubbi is derived from two words, which mean, “woman of the silver coin” and “dubbi” means “dancing”. The Ubbi Dubbi Festival is a grand cultural exhibition, which highlights women, community and traditional arts in Kenya.


Freihofers Saratoga Jazz Festival

Freihofers Saratoga Jazz Festival features jazz music from various local artists as well as singers and instrumentalists from throughout the world. The festival dates back several years and has garnered notoriety in the music world for its unique music and the caliber of performers. Freihofers jazz festival is described as “a free-form jazz festival, featuring local jazz musicians and jazz fusion acts, as well as a few notable national acts from the Americas and Europe.” Freihofers is an official member of the Jazz Management Association of America (JJAA). To attend any of their events, you must still possess a membership to the association.